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Craig David puts some t-shirts in a capsule 

By | Published on Tuesday 8 August 2017

Your old mate Craig David has launched a new “fashion capsule collection”, so that’s a thing isn’t it? And we all like things. I know I do.

The Craig David Collection – available exclusively in Selfridges – consists of t-shirts and hoodies “inspired” by David’s music and sound, with typography and imagery “influenced” by not only his lyrics, but also his career. Which presumably means these t-shirts will start off annoying cool and popular, then become something of a joke, then spend several years at the back of a cupboard all but forgotten, before becoming weirdly credible again.

Says David himself about his all-new fashion range: “I’m really honoured to be working together with Selfridges to launch this collection. I wanted to create a fresh and exciting new clothing line for my fans that represents where I am musically today, but also influenced by the style of where I came from”.

The new tie up between David and Selfridges – which coincides with the retailer’s previously mocked Music Matters shindig – has been orchestrated and delivered by Universal’s merch-tastic Bravado division.