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Craig David releases new track, Cold

By | Published on Friday 4 July 2014

Craig David

Celebrity realtor and meathead Craig David has shot back to the topmost half of the proverbial ‘hot’-ometer with a cool solo single titled ‘Cold’.

Set to appear on his sixth LP, ‘Following My Intuition’, which is arriving later this year, the track finds David shaking his head in disbelief over a girl who’s “cold-hearted and deranged, like a killer chick from a movie”.

Then he says: “This girl’s an instant lover, like a hit of MDMA”.

Then he remembers the way they met. It started with a kiss, possibly on a Monday. Then it’s on to the main hook, which is essentially: “She’s cold, cold cold cold. She’s cold, cold cold cold. So cold, cold cold”.

Then a robot voice reiterates: “Yeah this girl, yeah this girl’s so cold”.

Someone bring this girl a fan heater and a pair of mittens. And a loose-fitting t-shirt for Craig while you’re at it, please. He’s starting to look like a slab of peanut brittle.

Anyway this here is ‘Cold’: