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Crockford Management and Friends At Work announce transatlantic partnership

By | Published on Wednesday 4 March 2020

John Legend

Artist management companies Crockford Management in London and Friends At Work in LA have announced a partnership. The two firms will work together in order to provide clients with enhanced services on both sides of the Atlantic.

The seeds of the new agreement were sown when Crockford’s Lily Crockford and Friends At Work’s Adina Friedman met at a Grammy event last year.

“In a very competitive industry it’s hard to find people you both want to work with and trust”, says Crockford. “Crockford Management has always been an independent company, and that hasn’t stopped us having global success, but partnering with other managers who share our values and drive can only further benefit our roster. Upon meeting Adina I knew instantly that this was the kind of team that we could build something special with”.

“We are so happy to be partnering with Crockford Management”, adds Friedman. “When I met Lily I realised we shared the same vision and was impressed by her experience with high-powered artists like Jessie J and Iggy Azalea. When it came time for us to find a partner on the other side of the Atlantic, I knew Crockford would be the perfect team to provide our clients the level of service to further set them up for global success”.

Currently, Crockford is working with FAW clients John Legend, Raphael Saadiq and Ruth Anne under the new deal. Crockford’s own clients include Mark Knopfler, Youngr and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Crockford Management was founded by Lily Crockford’s father Paul in 1987, while FAW was launched by Ty Stiklorius in 2015.