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Crowdmix bought by main Crowdmix backer

By | Published on Friday 5 August 2016


So Crowdmix has been bought everybody! By the owner of Crowdmix. So that’s fun. At least he won’t be able to complain when he realises he’s bought an entirely pointless product.

As you all surely remember, Crowdmix was the social network for music that no one wanted, but which got everyone talking about a year ago as the start-up started proactively pitching its in-development app around the music industry.

Having built up lots of hype, hired lots of people and haemorrhaged lots of cash, the company went into administration last month in what was probably one of the least surprising developments in the music industry since we started covering the damn thing in 1998.

But once in administration the company was put up for sale and, according to Business Insider, a buyer has been found. Though it’s billionaire property tycoon Nick Candy, who was already the main investor in the start-up, having invested a reported £8 million in the business at the point it went under.

It’s thought that Candy and the Crowdmix founder still involved in the venture – Gareth Ingham – hope that, with a significantly stripped back operation, they can still make a go of the business. Plenty of suggestions have been made as to what went wrong first time – especially in these pieces in Business Insider and Music Ally – and many of those issues could be addressed by a take-two management team.

Though there still remains the key problem: that no one has as yet explained to me why the world needs a social network for music.