Crystal Castles give away track, threaten to go “vigilante”

By | Published on Friday 27 July 2012

Crystal Castles

Ontario synth-pop duo Crystal Castles have said that their third long player – which may or may not be their first non-eponymous LP – will be released in late September.

Speaking to NME about the record, which follows 2008’s ‘Crystal Castles’ and 2010’s… ‘Crystal Castles’, Glass said: “There’s lots of themes to the album, but [one is] feeling, like, oppressed… A lot of things not personally happening to us, but to people we know, kind of profoundly influenced everything”.

Further elaborating on this theme of oppression, she then said: “Like, I didn’t think I could lose faith in humanity any more than I already had, but after witnessing some things, it just… the world is a dystopia. I’m one step away from being a vigilante. I’ve thought about it”.

Moving on, you can download CC’s new track ‘Plague’ for free, here: