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Culture Committee to review arts funding

By | Published on Thursday 29 July 2010

Parliament’s Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee has announced it is launching a new inquiry into the UK’s government’s funding of arts and heritage initiatives, and is inviting submissions from key players in all the creative industries, including the music business.

The review comes as the arts takes a particularly big hit as a result of the government’s current barrage of budget cuts, which have already resulted in the entire Film Council being axed. The music industry is, of course, the least subsidised of all the creative industries so will suffer less that most, though various music-focused education and business development programmes could lose out as a result of the cutbacks.

The select committee review will look at what level of public subsidy for the arts and heritage is necessary and sustainable, whether the current systems for distributing subsidies are appropriate, what impact the recent revamping of the Lottery grants system will have on the arts, whether subsidised arts groups should collaborate more to avoid duplication of work, and whether businesses and philanthropists can play a long-term role in funding arts at a national and local level.

Sounds like fun. I might look into turning the whole thing into a ground breaking piece of avante garde dance theatre. Wonder if I can get any funding for that?