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Daft Punk are doing condoms now; oh, and a Chic thing with Nile Rodgers

By | Published on Thursday 11 July 2013

Daft Punk

Daft Punk have sealed a JLS/Ke$ha-style deal with Durex to release a line in ‘Get Lucky’ (get it?) condoms. Which makes sense, I guess; if you’re going to ‘Get Lucky’, you may as well be safe whilst doing it. Why, even Diplo has a pack, nice.

In less sexy news, it seems the be-helmeted French producers will be mixing side-by-side with Nile Rodgers again (that’s ‘again’ in the sense that Rodgers had a big part in making DP’s new LP ‘Random Access Memories’) in the near future. This time, they’ll be remastering “at least one” track in a set of unreleased Chic material Nile discovered in the Warner Music tape library.

Talking to DJAZZtv (what else?), Nile said: “Daft Punk want to do at least one of them with me, so that should be very cool because they respect the music. They understand”.