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Dalston boyband forced to change name as they head to X-Factor bootcamp

By | Published on Thursday 3 October 2013

Kingsland Road

I’m sure everyone in East London is thrilled that a boyband from Dalston is through to the bootcamp stage of this year’s ‘X-Factor’. And they’ll be even more excited to learn that the association to the area is to be played up even further, after a clash of names with a US post-hardcore band means that they’ve had to change their name from Kingsland to Kingsland Road.

The group have been using their original name quite happily since forming in 2012, but ‘X-Factor’ bosses are presumably primed to avoid similar conflicts to those they’ve had in recent years over the names of One Direction (who also shared their name with a US band) and Rhythmix (who shared their name with a charity and eventually switched to Little Mix).

In a statement this week, the band said: “Since we have been featured on ‘The X-Factor’ we have found out that legally we have to tweak our name slightly. The reason we are called Kingsland is because we live near the Kingsland Road in London. So to stay out of prison and because it makes perfect sense, from now on we’re going to be known by our full name KINGSLAND ROAD! We love our new name and hope you will do too”.

While we’re here talking about this lot, if you’re a young Dalston resident and wonder why people make fun of you and call you a hipster all the time, it’s because, rather than working to push forward the limits of fashion, you actually look exactly like a member of Kingsland Road. Behold the gift of perspective.