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Daltrey: record industry decimated, touring too expensive, telly evil

By | Published on Tuesday 5 July 2011

The Who

Roger Daltrey had some upbeat words for aspiring rock stars yesterday. Not only is the record industry screwed, but the live sector’s not much help to new bands either, because touring has become so expensive. Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland ahead of a performance of The Who rock opera ‘Tommy’ in Glasgow later this week, Daltrey said: “I think the record industry has been decimated by free downloading and touring is becoming incredibly expensive, it is so hard to make a living on the road now”.

But the real problem for rock n roll, The Who man continued, is TV, which is just taking away the mystery of it all. And it wasn’t just ‘X-Factor’ getting dissed this time, he’s not impressed with all the telly coverage of music festivals either. Says Daltrey: “I think you have to go out and experience [music]. I don’t think music works particularly well on TV, especially rock music. Most of the festival [coverage] makes me want to puke. It’s wall-to-wall stuff and they [the artists] get very little money from it. Most of the mystique is taken away”. So, that’s you lot told.