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Dan Hancox’s grime history book to be turned into TV series

By | Published on Tuesday 13 November 2018

Inner City Pressure

Journalist Dan Hancox’s book on the history of grime, ‘Inner City Pressure’, is set to be turned into a TV series by Pulse Films and Paramount Television, it has been announced.

“I think people really recognise that you can’t tell the story of grime without telling the story of the city and society around it”, says Hancox. “Likewise, if you want to understand London, its politics, poverty, riots, gentrification, frustrations, tensions and joys, there’s no better insight into the first two decades of 21st century London than grime”.

He adds: “The fact that a company with a track record as fantastic as Paramount TV and Pulse want to bring all those interlocking threads to life as well is tremendously exciting, and I can’t wait to get started”.

Pulse Films CEO Thomas Benski adds: “‘Inner City Pressure’ vividly depicts the origins of grime from a burgeoning subculture into a tour de force of British influence from a cultural, social and political point of view. The way punk marked a generation, grime has become the symbol of a movement that now reaches beyond the UK”.

“As a studio we try to find high-end IP that can create moments of culture”, he goes on. “The book, the story and this new series all have the components of a genre defining show that is ready to cross-over and shine a light on a defining contemporary story”.

No release date has yet been announced for the show.