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Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip on celebratory split

By | Published on Tuesday 1 July 2014

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip has given an explanation for his pending split from Dan Le Sac, via the pair’s Facebook page, urging fans not to be sad about it.

Following a dismayed response to a post asking fans to ‘like’ their solo Facebook pages as they prepare for their final shows together, Pip wrote: “It genuinely isn’t sad at all! We have been lucky enough to do THREE albums together (which will continue to exist) and get to go out on a high of our biggest record and tour to date. Our intention was always to make three albums and a whole lot of acts that came up at the same time as us never got that chance”.

He continued: “Our proudness of all we have achieved in this ramshackle meeting of minds is met only by our excitement over the solo projects we have ahead. There is no ‘biting the hand that feeds’, as one person suggested. If I ever get to the point where I find myself making music or anything out of duty rather than passion and excitement then that will be the day I happily retire!”

Finally, he concluded: “Our music isn’t suddenly vanishing. All the music that you have enjoyed over the years will still be there. But, added to that, will be new and exciting things that you haven’t heard before. When we started no one (including us) knew that we were making something people would connect to in such a way. There wasn’t a long line of people saying, ‘When oh when will we finally get a fusion of electronic music and spoken word?!’ It all just happened naturally and with out plan or path, just like all of our choices thus far. Doing what FEELS right, rather than what may be financially most logical or whatever”.

Following a performance at Glastonbury last weekend, the duo now have various UK festivals scheduled in over the rest of the summer, plus a show at the Brooklyn Bowl in London on 19 Jul.