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Danae Stratou could be subject of Pulp’s ‘Common People’, says Greek finance minister

By | Published on Tuesday 12 May 2015

Common People

Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has said that it is possible, maybe even likely, that his wife, Danae Stratou, is the subject of Pulp’s ‘Common People’.

Earlier this year, Greek newspaper Athens Voice published an article proposing Stratou as the girl from Greece who wants to live with common people. The evidence is all there:

• Came from Greece? Big tick.
• Thirst for knowledge? Sure, I guess.
• Studied sculpture at St Martin’s College? Yup. Well, Athens Voice says Fine Art, but there seems to be some confusion over this.
• Dad was loaded? Yeah, her father’s pretty wealthy.

Speaking to the BBC about the claims, Varoufakis said: “Well, I wouldn’t have known her back then. But I do know that she was the only Greek student of sculpture at St Martin’s College at that time. And, from personal experience, she is a very fascinating person”.

Stratou herself hasn’t commented, and Jarvis Cocker has always seemed a bit sketchy on the identity of the woman in the song. Plus, there’s the matter of Cypriot artist Katerina Kana previously claiming that she had once told Cocker that she wanted to live like common people while she was studying at St Martin’s College.

But, really, aren’t we all the woman from ‘Common People’ in our own way?