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Danger Mouse signs publishing deal with Universal

By | Published on Tuesday 3 April 2012

Danger Mouse

Universal Music Publishing has announced a deal with producer man, and 50% of Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse that will cover all his works created since 2010, and new works moving forward, in all territories outside North America. Albums the producer, real name Brian Burton, has been working on of late include new releases from The Black Keys, Norah Jones and U2.

Lining up to welcome Danger Mouse to their fold, two Universal Publishing execs said things this morning, including President Of Europe/UK Paul Connolly: “I’m really excited about this signing. Brian is immensely talented – we’re very proud to be working with him.”

Meanwhile Mike McCormack, Deputy MD of UMP UK added: “We have long admired Brian’s consistently high quality work as a writer and producer. It’s an exciting prospect to be finally working alongside him and [his manager] Ian Montone”.

Meanwhile, speaking for Danger Mouse, the there mentioned Montone told CMU: “”Universal Music Publishing are world class publishers and Paul Connolly and Mike McCormack are true music people. We are excited to be in business with them”.