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Dates set for closure of Google Play Music

By | Published on Wednesday 5 August 2020

Google Play Music

The streaming service they once called Google Access All Play What The Fuck Music – I think, I may have remembered that wrong, basically it had a silly convoluted name – anyway, that thing will be officially no more as of October. And about time too.

As soon as Google launched YouTube Music as a standalone service it was expected that the music streaming product that already existed under the Google Play brand would eventually be phased out.

The web giant then confirmed that was indeed the plan in May, while also providing tools to allow those people still using Google Play for music streams – or, of that matter, as a digital locker for their MP3s, old school style – to transition over to the YouTube Music platform.

No deadline was initially given for making that transition, but yesterday it was announced that Google Play Music would be turned off in New Zealand and South Africa in September, and then all other markets where it operated the following month.

Users will no longer be able to upload, download or pre-order music via Google Play Music from later this month, while the final deadline for transitioning playlists and music libraries over to YouTube is December. After which, it’s all agreed, no one will ever mention Google Play Music ever again.

“Over the last few years, we’ve worked to build a fantastic fan experience on YouTube Music, merging the very best of Google Play Music with the very best of YouTube”, Google told all seventeen of the remaining Google Play Music users yesterday. “We can’t wait for you to start exploring YouTube Music features and discovering new music favourites along the way”.

The one person I know who actually used Google Play Music, who has now transitioned to YouTube Music, is constantly complaining about what a poor replacement it is and how there’s “so much to fix” with the newer set-up. So, yeah, lots of exciting stuff to explore and discover. RIP Google Access All Play What The Fuck Music. You’ll be missed. By seventeen people. But that’s something.