David Byrne and St Vincent set album release date, give away free download

By | Published on Friday 15 June 2012

St Vincent & David Byrne

David Byrne and St Vincent, aka Annie Clarke, have announced that they will release their previously reported collaborative album, ‘Love This Giant’, on 10 Sep through 4AD.

Clark says of the record: “We started our collaboration around the fall of 2009 after being approached by [New York charity] Housing Works to write and perform a night of new music for charity. We decided to centre the music around a brass band and began sending ideas back and forth in every form: wordless melodies, melody-less songs. After a while we had enough of a body of work that David, not one to do anything by half, suggested we record it and put it out. I am very proud of what we created and excited for it to hit your ears”.

Byrne added: “A lot of people, hearing a description of this project, assumed that it might be an artsy indulgence, but somehow it didn’t turn out that way. It’s a pop record – well, in my book anyway. I started to sense that we were ending up with a sound and approach I’d never heard before. There were elements that were reminiscent of things I’d heard, but a lot of it was completely new. Very exciting!”

You can download a track from the album, entitled ‘Who’, here: