DDEX data standards group confirms eighteen members

By | Published on Friday 3 December 2010

And now an announcement from the Digital Data Exchange, which is, and I quote, “a consortium of leading media companies, music licensing organisations and digital service providers focused on creating digital supply chain data standards for common use”. Yeah, put that on a sticker. 

The DDEX project is all about encouraging everyone in the digital content domain, from content makers and suppliers to sellers and distributors, to use the same metadata systems, so to simply the communication of data relating to digital content, and therefore reduce the costs associated with it. This week the DDEX dudes announced eighteen organisations in total have vowed to adopt the standards, including three of the majors, Sony, Warner and EMI, plus collecting societies like PRS, PPL and America’s Harry Fox Agency, distributors like The Orchard and tech firms like Nokia. It’s an impressive list, though with some obvious and important omissions. 

Confirming the list of companies now committed to making DDEX work, the group’s chair, Kirit Joshi, told CMU: “DDEX has now come of age. Over the last year, our membership has grown significantly, there is considerably more engagement on the critical details of standards development, and companies across the music industry have made important steps to standardise the full scope of their digital supply chain by incorporating DDEX specifications into their operations. Implementations are the key to DDEX’s success and we look forward to further growing the number of companies adopting its standards”.

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