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Deadmau5 calls Forbes Highest Paid DJs list “bullshit”

By | Published on Monday 8 October 2012


Deadmau5 has accused Forbes of making him and his fellow superstar DJ gang look like “overpaid dicks” with its Highest Paid DJs list. As previously reported, Deadmau5 appeared at number six on the list with an estimated fortune of $11.5 million. However, he’s told Spin that this is a far from accurate figure.

The producer said: “It’s bullshit. I had to call my manager and say, ‘Yo! Where’s the other 10?’ Sure, we’ve seen $20 million in the past two years, but that’s gone back into the studio, into tours – they cost up to $10 million alone. It’s money in, money out for all of us, but the list makes us look like a bunch of overpaid dicks. The cool thing about it, though, is that it says, ‘invest in this shit because it’s hot’, to the idiots with more money than all of us put together. It’s a self-propelling stupidity that’s now influxing big industry money into the previously small EDM market”.