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Dean Blunt signs to Rough Trade, announces solo LP

By | Published on Tuesday 4 March 2014

Dean Blunt

Dean Blunt of now-kaput pop oddbins Hype Williams has signed to Rough Trade. The label will put out his new disc-of-indeterminate-length, ‘Black Metal’, the follow-on to his 2013 solo record ‘The Redeemer’, at some point this year.

This follows his artistic split with one-time Hype Williams collaborator Inga Copeland, whose first solo LP, ‘Because I’m Worth It’, was announced last Thursday.

As previously reported, Blunt is set to play a ‘free jazz’ set at London’s Café Oto on 1 Mar. And this is one of the songs Dean’ll (probably) do as part of that, ‘Black Metal’ track ‘Mersh’: