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Dean McCullough and Vicky Hawkesworth to replace Scott Mills on Radio 1

By | Published on Wednesday 6 July 2022

Dean McCullough and Vicky Hawkesworth

Scott Mills has announced that he will be replaced by Dean McCullough and Vicky Hawkesworth when he leaves BBC Radio 1 later this year.

It was announced last week that Mills is set to depart Radio 1 after 24 years at the station in September. He will replace Steve Wright on Radio 2, while his co-host Chris Stark is taking up a new job hosting Capital FM’s breakfast show with Roman Kemp, although he will still co-present a podcast for the BBC. McCullough and Hawkesworth will begin hosting the Monday to Thursday afternoon show on Radio 1 from 5 Sep.

Both presenters were first heard on Radio 1 as part of the station’s annual Christmas Takeover initiative, which tries out new talent. McCullough has been presenting the weekend morning show since last September, while Hawkesworth can currently be heard on BBC Radio Manchester and Gaydio, as well as regularly covering Radio 1 shows when presenters are unavailable. The duo’s new weekday show will be broadcast from Salford.

“I literally don’t know what to say, this is wild”, says McCullough. “Being given the opportunity to launch a brand new daytime show on Radio 1 with the most talented production team and co-host is a full on dream come true. Vicky and I did the Christmas presenter search together in 2020 and I loved her from the second I met her. It’s bittersweet because like so many millions of people I am a huge fan of Scott and Chris. They are hands down the best at doing the radio, ever. I’m really going to miss them on Radio 1 and hope that their brilliant listeners join us for this new chapter in September. I’m so grateful that this is happening, thank you Radio 1 for believing in me.”

Hawkesworth adds: “In all honesty, I don’t think there are words that can live up to how incredibly excited I am. I am quite literally about to live my dream and I can’t wait to get going. I feel extremely honoured to be in this position, Scott and Chris are the best that radio has to offer, a phenomenal team that have kept me laughing and smiling over the years and it’s a privilege to follow after them”.

Head Of BBC Radio 1 Aled Haydn Jones comments: “I am so excited for Dean and Vicky. They are both highly engaging presenters who make me laugh so much in their company. They’re a testament to the success of our Christmas Takeover initiative and I’m THRILLED [that the new show] will enable them to bring a smile to the nation on daytime. It is also a very special moment for Radio 1, as it means we’ll be broadcasting from Salford seven days a week which is great”.

Now, if McCullough and Hawkesworth are only set to be on air from Monday to Thursday, what’s all this talk about having shows coming from Salford seven days a week?

Well, as they begin broadcasting their new show, Katie Thistleton will take over the Friday to Sunday morning slot left empty by McCullough, also broadcasting from the BBC’s Salford base. She will also continue to present ‘Radio 1’s Life Hacks’ on Sundays from 4-6pm and ‘The Official Chart: First Look’ on Radio 1 on Sundays for 6-7pm alongside co-host Vick Hope. So, basically, you’re going to hear a lot of her chatting away in Salford if you like listening to Radio 1 at the weekends.

“This is a dream come true for me, to have my own show on the best station in the world from the best place in the world, my home city”, Thistleton says. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted! I’m so happy I’ll be spending all weekend with the Radio 1 listeners and I can’t wait to bring you lots of anthems and lots of fun new features! Roll on September!”

The first edition of her new show will air on 9 Sep.

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