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Deerhoof to release new album as part of five LP subscription

By | Published on Friday 26 May 2017


Deerhoof have announced that they will release five new albums in the latter half of this year, making them available in physical form via a subscription.

The series will technically only feature one Deerhoof album though, the other four divided between various side-projects. The first two of these releases are available now, each split between two projects.

On one you’ll find drummer Greg Saunier’s project with Death Grips’ Zach Hill, Nervous Cop, plus Les Bon Hommes, Saunier’s band with William Kuehn of Rainer Maria and Deerhoof’s live sound engineer Deron Pulley.

The other features Oneone – Deerhoof frontwoman Satomi Matsuzaki’s project with Tenniscoats’ Saya – backed by guitarist John Dieterich’s new band Murmurer.

Next up, in August, you’ll get that new Deerhoof album, which requires much less explanation.

Then finally it’s back to those side projects. Though they haven’t provided any details on those, other than that it’ll be another block of two releases and they’ll be available in October.

You can already buy all four elements of the first two split albums digitally from Bandcamp, all proceeds from which will be donated to US political action group Brand New Congress.

If you want the Deerhoof album in August, you need to sign up for that subscription, which will get you all five releases on vinyl in a wooden box. The box is limited to 777 copies, so you’d best move quickly.

There will then be a standard, standalone release of the new Deerhoof album at a later date.