Deerhunter promote new album with photocopied flyer

By | Published on Monday 12 July 2010

Deerhunter are encouraging their fans to help them promote their new album ‘Halcyon Digest’ by pinning a home-made poster up at independent record shops and gig venues around their home towns.

Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox has designed a cut-and-paste style flyer for the new 4AD released album, aping the designs used back in the day by the new wave bands he used to follow. Though, while the flyer is very old school, its distribution will be more modern.

Fans are encouraged to download the flyer, print it out, distribute it around their local town, and then photograph the pinned up flyers and email the photos in to the band. Said photos will be displayed on a website, and everyone who sends one in will get priority access to the band’s next single.

Explaining the inspiration for the promotion, Cox told reporters: “I was always fascinated with the ephemera of 70s and 80s art rock in record stores like Wuxtry in Athens, where I hung out as a kid, or Wax N Facts in Atlanta. You’d see a photocopied faded B-52s flyer next to a poster for Lou Reed or XTC. It was like an art punk scrapbook on those walls. It made my head spin. Who are these people? Who are the fucking Residents with these weird-ass eyeball faces?”

You can download the flyer at The new album is released on 27 Sep.