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Deezer announces alliance with playola firm

By | Published on Wednesday 5 October 2016


Deezer has announced an alliance with which, in case you wondered, is “the first native song ad platform”. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Basically, you know how there was a little flurry of discontent when it emerged that certain labels were paying certain independent playlist owners little bits of cash to include their new tracks on their Spotify playlists? You remember, ‘playola’ became a phrase and everything. Well, sort of embraces that practice, declares it as a good thing and runs with it.

So artists or labels can pay a nominal fee for their new tracks to appear in genre relevant playlists or personalised radio channels on the streaming platforms, ensuring them a relevant audience for their new music. While freemium streaming users will have their ears invaded by ‘playola’, maybe you could argue that’s better than a more conventional advert. Maybe. The hope for the artist or label, of course, is that the paid-for listens generate organic listens that quickly turn a cost centre into a revenue stream.

Frankly, you can make of all that whatever you like. Feel free. I’m not interfering. Whenever have I tried to force my silly opinions on you, the CMU reader? Never, that’s when. But I will present to you for your reading pleasure a quote or two (by which I mean two) from the Feature fellas and the Deezer geezers.

Says CEO Lior Aharoni: “Radio has always been the most powerful place to break an artist, but it’s always been inaccessible to most artists. The way people listen to the radio has changed and our mission is to be the new radio promotion tool in the music streaming era, allowing talented artists of any size to get airplay where people now consume music”.

Says Deezer’s VP Of Ad Sales Tristan Rachline: “Deezer aims to deliver the best experience to consumers in a way that also delivers what artists need to connect to their audience. The launch of this service now means that artists can easily integrate their music into the Free Deezer platform, reaching the right target audience at the right time. Deezer’s technology has always been driven by innovation and superior design and functionality, so we are delighted to be collaborating with to further enhance both the user and artist experience”. has previously worked with personalised radio service 8tracks and some music blogs on its native song ad flim flam.