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Deezer announces IFTTT alliance

By | Published on Thursday 23 July 2015


Hey you, don’t be getting all distracted by the Napsters and the Rhaposdys and all that jazz, it’s time to give some brain space to the Deezer geezers, who would like you all to know that they are the first – that’s first – not third, not ninth – but the first streaming service to integrate with IFTTT. You know, If This Then That. And if you don’t know what that is, well, get with the moment granddad. Actually, ask your granddad, I bet he knows.

IFTTT allows users to integrate different social media and online services, kickstarting an action on one platform based on activity on another. Each action on the service is called a ‘recipe’, and under this new alliance a bunch of pre-prepared Deezer-related recipes are now available so, for example, if you favourite a track on Deezer it posts to Facebook. And there’s some other less pedestrian uses of the IFTTT platform too.

And if you like that, then this. As in go check it out.