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Deezer Elite goes global with same price points as US

By | Published on Monday 23 March 2015


As expected, Deezer’s high quality audio offering Elite went properly global last week, having launched in the US last year, and becoming an upgrade option for existing users elsewhere last month. Though the HD service is exclusively available to Sonos users for now.

In terms of price point, the same rates will be applied in the UK and Europe as in the US, though with pounds and euros instead of dollars (so, actually, not the same rates, we always end up paying more).

So getting Deezer tunes in FLAC quality will cost £14.99 a month, rather than the usual £9.99 for premium, unless you sign up to twelve months in one go, in which case the Elite rate is £9.99 too.

Though, while that’s cheaper than the £19.99 standard set by Tidal for high quality audio (so high quality is double normal quality), technically Deezer’s rates are the same as its main rival in HD, but it is offering discounts to Sonos users for the first year. After that it should go up to £19.99 a month.

But it remains to be seen what happens in a year’s time, and whether HD can retain its double rate premium on premium. If you know what I mean.