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Deezer to launch UK TV ad campaign tonight

By | Published on Friday 18 September 2015


As Apple Music ramps up its marketing activity as people actually have to start paying for the on-demand streaming service, Deezer is also set to launch a UK TV ad campaign, thanks to that previously reported deal it did with Channel 4 earlier this year, which gives the streaming service screen time in exchange for equity or revenue.

The campaign will list things that rhyme with Deezer, starting with a ‘geezer’. The first of four ads will screen during the first break in tonight’s ‘Gogglebox’ and apparently mimics 1970s public information films. The ads are also supposed to be very British, hence the geezer. What could be more British than that? Well, a freezer, a crowd pleaser and a lemon squeezer, which are all things that will appear alongside him.

“[The adverts] are quite stylised but with a character who is a recognisable English character, a geezer”, says Deezer’s MD for the UK and Ireland, Christian Harris. “We’ve deliberately created a campaign specific to the UK market. Deezer hasn’t done TV advertising in the UK, and it is also a first in that no major music streaming service has done a mass-market UK TV campaign”.

So, prepare yourself for that. Presumably Deezer will eventually show adverts on more TV channels than even exist in the world.