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Der Spiegel releases audio from Morrissey interview

By | Published on Wednesday 13 December 2017


Having been accused of fabricating quotes by Morrissey, German news magazine Der Spiegel has released the full unedited audio of its interview with the former Smiths frontman. And, hey, it turns out he did say those things.

“Morrissey said in a Facebook post that Der Spiegel had incorrectly reproduced his statements, concluding that the fact that we have not yet published the recording of the conversation is an indirect admission of guilt”, said the publication. “To counter this, we have decided to put the interview online now – even if it is self-evident from our point of view that interviews published in Der Spiegel do not contain false or misleading citations”.

As previously reported, Morrissey has twice denied that he said a number of the things that were quoted in the original published interview. In a written statement over the weekend, he specifically denied that he’d said he would kill Donald Trump or that he defended Kevin Spacey against sexual assault accusations.

However, in the recording, he is heard to say that he would press a button to kill Trump if such a thing existed. He also suggests that the teenage boy who Spacey is accused of assaulting, and the teenager’s parents, should accept some responsibility for what happened. Other comments on Brexit, nationalism and Harvey Weinstein that were widely reported also feature the recording.

Listen to the full interview here.