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Dice acquires Boiler Room

By | Published on Monday 4 October 2021

Boiler Room

Ticketing company Dice – fresh from raising a neat $122 million in new finance – has announced that it has acquired electronic music livestreaming platform Boiler Room. The deal will see Boiler Room continue to operate independently, but it will now very much tap into Dice’s ticketing and event discovery technology.

“I’ve been a fan of Boiler Room for years and they’re world leading in bringing incredible experiences to fans”, says Dice CEO Phil Hutcheon. “Blaise [Belville, Boiler Room CEO] and I have been discussing for over a year how to support artists better and the more we spoke, the more excited we were to work together. The combination of Boiler Room with the distribution and technology of Dice creates substantial opportunities in a sustainable, transparent and fair model”.

Boiler Room, of course, was one of the few livestreaming platforms to gain traction before the COVID pandemic increased the appetite for livestreamed shows among both artists and fans. Dice, meanwhile, became quite active in the livestreaming space during the COVID shutdown.

Commenting on the deal from his side, Belville adds: “Dice has built an incredible platform by being laser-focused on creating the best possible experience for fans and event partners – their app now has millions of music fans accessing live music around the world. My experience when talking to Phil was inspiring and he immediately recognised how important Boiler Room is, and how much potential we have”.

“I believe deeply that the best way for Boiler Room to evolve is by partnering with a company that values what we are today, and provides the tools we need to grow into the future – we play to our strengths and they to theirs”, he continues. “Dice believes in ‘powering’ us but allowing Boiler Room to remain our own independent entity, all of this will enable us to move into a new era and be the best version of ourselves”.

Alongside the acquisition, a new Boiler Room board has been formed, upon with both Hutcheon and Bellville will sit alongside Terry Weerasinghe and Ibtisam Omer.