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Diplo makes appearance in new Pokémon movie

By | Published on Friday 1 March 2019


Earlier this year, Pokémon fans were freaked out by a digitally animated Pikachu being furry. Now people are being freaked out by the news that Diplo will appear in the upcoming movie ‘Detective Pikachu’. He has not, at least, been made digitally hairy.

The producer makes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in the new trailer for the film, due out in May. Some people clearly didn’t blink, because they noticed. Also, Diplo tweeted about it, which really helped.

“Playing myself in the Pokémon detective movie is the first time my kids have ever thought I’m cool”, he wrote. He then also agreed with someone who said that this project probably constitutes the very peak of his career.

You can watch the trailer below. Unless you’re not really interested, in which case probably don’t bother.