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Direct-to-fan app Bkstg raises $20 million investment

By | Published on Friday 17 July 2015


Two former AOL executives have raised $20 million in investment for a new app, Bkstg, that aims to provide a one-stop shop for any one artist’s fans, offering ticketing, video, merch and social networking all in one place.

Among the investors that Erika Nardini and Ran Harnevo have somehow convinced this will work are Live Nation, Scooter Braun Projects, Modest! Management and the Three Six Zero Group.

Nardini, who stepped down as AOL’s Chief Marketing Officer in 2014, told Billboard: “When you look at the fan experience on the web it’s broken. They have to navigate, say, fifteen different platforms that artists work with [to promote their work], whether it’s a gaming company, Facebook, YouTube, Live Nation, Twitter, you name it”.

She adds: “Bkstg will offer the ability [for artists] to understand their fanbase and then also to be able to create a direct personal relationship that maps to what the fan wants and what the artist has to share”.

Yeah, good luck with that. If you’re wondering how to pronounce Bkstg, by the way, it’s ‘B’kustoguh’.