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Distrokid adds TikTok distribution to the mix

By | Published on Tuesday 27 August 2019


As pretty much the entire music industry tries to get deals sorted with the phenomenon that is TikTok – you know, to try to get some TikTok dollars in the bank before the whole fad fades – Distrokid has confirmed that it is one of the first DIY distributors to be pushing music through to the video sharing platform.

The DIY distribution firm’s founder Philip Kaplan said in a short blog post “artists have been asking us to add TikTok on a daily basis. Done! We hope you love it”.

The video sharing app will now be an option when Distrokid users upload new music and they can add it on existing tracks and albums too. Other DIY distributors are sure to add TikTok to their list of streaming services soon, so that self-releasing artists can access the same royalties on offer to the record labels whenever music is used in TikTok uploads.

What those royalties are and quite how the whole thing works is still being worked out by those at the end of the digital royalty chain. Because the continued growth of user-generated content platforms as a music revenue stream has created yet more complexities regarding how the music industry’s digital dollars are collected and shared out. Good times!