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DistroKid announces partnership with Twitch

By | Published on Thursday 25 February 2021


DIY distributor DistroKid has expanded its partnership with Amazon’s livestreaming platform Twitch in order to offer “qualifying [artists] – who have shown a level of dedication and success in music – the opportunity to join the Twitch Affiliate Program”.

The distributor explains that “the Twitch Affiliate Program is open to Twitch streamers who meet select qualifications, and allows those who qualify to further build a community and earn income on Twitch”. DistroKid has worked with the Amazon company, it says, “to extend their affiliate qualifications to recognise the work that DistroKid members have put into creating music and building fans across music streaming services”.

Lovely stuff. DistroKid already has a partnership with Twitch, being one of a small number of music companies that is providing music to the livestreaming service’s Soundtrack By Twitch music library.

Given the wider licensing issues it is currently having in the music domain, Twitch has been pushing that library to gamers and creators on its platform that want to use music in their streams but don’t want to risk getting takedown notices issued against their content by a record company or music publisher.

The new deal means that as well as making their music available to other creators on Twitch, DistroKid-allied artists can now get more out of livestreaming on the platform themselves.

Announcing the latest tie-up, the distributor’s founder Philip Kaplan wrote in a blog post: “Live streaming on Twitch is a great way to connect with fans, express yourself creatively, and generate income. We’re excited to bring this opportunity to DistroKid members. We hope you love it”.