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Doherty digs Posh

By | Published on Tuesday 10 March 2009

Pete Doherty says he is inspired by Victoria Beckham’s taste in fashion, which is interesting, I didn’t realise she was behind the slightly-podgy dishevelled former junkie look.

Doherty apparently told the Daily Star: “I think Victoria looks very sharp. She’s a very stylish lady and I really like her military hats. I mean that”. A source apparently added: “When he sees images [of Posh’s costumes] he remembers similar styles he wore in The Libertines. He hopes Posh’s style injects respectability into his image so his solo career is taken seriously”.

Doherty is sharing his fashion views, of course, because he’s busy plugging new single ‘Last Of The English Roses’ from his debut solo album ‘Gracelands/Wastelands’.