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Downtown to rep Niall Horan’s songwriting

By | Published on Monday 22 May 2017

Niall Horan

US music publisher Downtown is “THRILLED” to have that one-time 1Der Niall Horan on its roster. And who wouldn’t be? Me. I wouldn’t be. But I’m happy to accept that I’m the odd one here.

Downtown confirmed it was now repping Horan’s music publishing assets last week, noting that the now solo 1D boy’s “debut single as a solo artist, ‘This Town’, was the first track to ever debut at number one on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart and recently earned Niall a Platinum Award for songwriting from the National Music Publishers Association”.

“As a member of One Direction, whose songs are also administered by Downtown, Niall co-wrote tracks on every one of the group’s five albums” the publisher added, for all you cynics out there going “yeah right, Niall Horan’s a songwriter is he?” Writing songs is what he does, OK, and you should all be “THRILLED” about that fact.