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Drake says AI generated Ice Spice cover is “the final straw”

By | Published on Monday 17 April 2023


Drake has commented on an AI-generated recording of him rapping Ice Spice’s track ‘Munch (Feelin U)’. Is he impressed and excited about the possibilities presented by this rapidly evolving technology? No, he is not. Posting on Instagram, he said that “this is the final straw”.

Being quite popular, Drake has seen his voice used to create AI-generated covers of various songs in recent months. Through the technology, he has unwittingly re-voiced tracks by artists from Cardi B to Justin Bieber.

Given his short response to this latest AI-generated track, it’s unclear if Drake is more annoyed about the robots stealing his voice or the fact they made it look like he was covering Ice Spice’s record.

He was an early supporter of the relatively new rapper, playing ‘Munch’ on his Sirius XM show last year. There was then speculation that the two had fallen out after he unfollowed her on Instagram – although he later re-followed her.

His comment comes just days after it emerged that his label, Universal Music, had written to the major streaming platforms urging them to block makers of AI technologies from scraping their catalogues in order to train those tools.

The prevalence of tracks like this AI-made Drake cover of Ice Spice suggests that it might be a bit late for that now.

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