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Dre debut will be on Apple Music, as AC/DC head to the streaming platforms

By | Published on Tuesday 30 June 2015

Apple Music

So, we all know something big is happening later today involving apples and music.

I wish it was a pie. A big fat musical apple pie. Actually, it needn’t be all that musical, I’d just take the pie. Can I have some apple pie? I love apple pie. Can someone send me some apple pie? With ice cream. Not custard. I don’t like custard. It would all be ruined if there was custard. Whatever you do, don’t put custard on my apple pie. In fact, just keep your meddling hands off my apple pie. It’s my pie, and it’s perfect.

Anyway, moving away from perfection for now, Apple Music launches this afternoon (UK time), you know, streaming, playlists, radio channels, Beats1 gubbins, Connect, integrated iTunes Match with boosted capacity, free three month trial, over 100 countries, a few pennies for the labels here and there, and no Sonos or Android but just be patient because everything comes to those who wait. As Dr Dre fans know only too well. Not that anything actually came for them.

But imagine if Apple Music arrived with Dre’s long, long, long awaited third album ‘Detox’ (or whatever he’s calling it now, if he’s calling it anything anymore) happily streaming away. Now that would be big news. But in your imagination that eventuality will have to stay. Though the Beats co-founder’s debut long player ‘The Chronic’ will be available, which is sort of news because Dre hasn’t let that record be legally streamed on the net to date, he having reaffirmed his control over the digital rights in the album a few years back.

It remains to be seen what other exclusives Apple manages to grab, you know, from people not directly associated with the tech giant. Though, of course, Taylor Swift has given the green light for them to stream her latest album ‘1989’ as well as her back catalogue, on account of them backtracking on all that ‘no royalties till autumn’ nonsense.

Though it’s not just Apple Music adding some classic never-before-streamed content to its catalogue later today. Oh no, as my big apple pie arrives later this afternoon, word has it the AC/DC catalogue will arrive on Spotify for the first time. Though it’s also expected to be on Apple Music too, and probably Rdio as well. Basically the famous digital hold-outs are using Apple’s big launch to finally embrace the streams, having not signed up to the iTunes download store until 2012.

Anyway, that’s enough streaming chatter for now. Though I do really want that apple pie.