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Dreamland Margate celebrates Turner prize with giant inflatable Tina Turner head

By | Published on Wednesday 31 July 2019

Somewhere in the depths of the CMU archives is a single edition of the Daily published during August one year without any ‘and finally’ story. Because, you see, even though old school journalists traditionally refer to this time of the year as the “silly season”, sometimes – once everyone is on their summer break – it can be really hard to find a sufficient supply of silly stories to fill this silly story slot in the daily CMU bulletin.

We are assuming that it was with that fact in mind – ie aware that the August lull in ‘and finally’ stories was about the begin – that the Dreamland Margate amusement park decided to announce yesterday plans to display a giant inflatable head that looks a bit like Tina Turner. The inflatable is being, well, inflated to mark the fact that the art world’s big Turner Prize is being staged in the seaside town this year, as its Turner Contemporary art gallery.

Says Dreamland CEO Eddie Kemsley said: “Turner Prize 2019 is one of the biggest events to come to Margate – so we responded in kind. Margate is a haven for internationally renowned artists and the Turner Contemporary is at the heart of the town’s cultural evolution. But Margate is also – and always has been – delightfully kitsch, fun and a trendsetter”.

“So we wanted to create a work of art at Dreamland that would complement the Turner Prize exhibition”, Kemsley added, “by offering visitors another anchor point of interest – and also show the alternative, modern and wonderfully camp side of Margate’s arts scene”. To that end, “we’re THRILLED to be honouring one of music’s greatest icons with a piece of fan art that thousands of people will be able to engage with and enjoy for free”.

Alongside the seven-metre high inflatable Tina Turner head, made by artists Cool Shit, the amusement park is also staging the Tina Turner Prize, an open competition to find a new Tina Turner-themed work of art that will then be displayed on Dreamland’s ‘mural by the sea’ billboard.

Because, well, who knows why? Oh, I do. Because August is a quiet time for silly stories to fill the CMU ‘and finally’ section, and now it has been duly filled. So thank you to Eddie! Thank you to Margate! Thank you Turner! And thank you Tina!