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Drowned In Sound founder launches new digital consultancy

By | Published on Friday 25 February 2022

Sean Adams

Drowned In Sound founder Sean Adams has launched a new digital consultancy that will offer a range of services to artists and creative companies, including around A&R, marketing, communications, creative commissioning and some of that new fangled Web3 and NFT goodness.

The new agency will utilise the brand Adams previously used for his management and label company, CCCLX. In addition to his previous Drowned In Sound and CCCLX projects, Adams also spent over four years working as a social media producer for BBC Radio 6 Music, and was more recently Head Of Digital for the studio run by Max Richter and Yulia Mahr.

Adams also continues to oversee Drowned In Sound, and one of his new agency’s first projects will be to pursue new opportunities for the DiS website and online community, including in the Web3 and podcasting domains.

Says Adams: “I’ve learnt a great deal over the last two decades and in recent years, helping artists self-release records and managing musicians with a range of major label and commercial partnerships. I’ve become acutely aware that at key moments when shaping a campaign there’s really fundamental challenges in not always knowing which story to tell and the big levers you can pull to tell that tale”.

“Then, further down the track, you can get lost in the fug of it all”, he adds “and don’t always have the bandwidth or the cartography skills required to chart the best course. Plus sometimes it’s just good to have a sounding board to help develop campaign appropriate ideas”.

Which is where he sees his new agency fitting in. He goes on: “This is sort of a bolt-on company for as much or as little as people’s projects need. The name is 360 in roman numerals and that can mean anything from the different slices of the modern music industry pie to how much some people’s heads are spinning when trying to innovate or just get the blueprint of a campaign right”.