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Duffy signs up to Coke ad

By | Published on Thursday 15 January 2009

Duffy will star in a new Europe-wide Diet Coke ad campaign, a fact on which I can think of absolutely nothing to say.

So let’s cut straight to the customary quotes.

Duffy: “I love the attitude of this new Diet Coke ad. I drink so much of the stuff, they were either going to give me shares in the company or put me in the advert”.

Coke Marketing Director Cathryn Sleight: “We have a strong heritage in creating entertaining and memorable advertising for ‘diet Coke’ that is loved by our female fans”.

“Our campaigns are well known for tapping into a powerful social and cultural zeitgeist and Duffy is a great embodiment of today’s modern female attitudes”.

“She has a strong appeal with our core female audience and we’re confident that this campaign will become just as iconic as previous ‘diet Coke’ advertising campaigns”.