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Early Drake associate sues Cash Money over profit share

By | Published on Wednesday 27 August 2014

Cash Money Records

Hip hop producer Jas Prince is suing Cash Money Records, claiming that the label cut him out of profits due as part of an agreement acknowledging his work with Drake.

According to Entertainment Law Digest, Prince worked with the rapper during the early stages of his career, and was involved in his signing an agreement with Aspire Music Group, through which Drake would license his recordings. As part of that deal, says Prince, he was due a cut of any profits and advances earned from Drake’s music.

In a complaint filed last week in Miami, Prince says that in July 2009, Drake and Aspire, neither of whom are being sued, signed a deal with Cash Money, which brought in a $2 million advance. Prince says that it was then agreed that Cash Money would pay money owed under his Aspire agreement directly to him.

Since then, the lawsuit says, Cash Money has repeatedly made payments of less than expected, including one in November last year which “was at least $5 million less that what as owed”. The label then, it is claimed, failed to provide complete accounting documents when asked.

Prince is now seeking $4 million in damages from Cash Money, as well as access to Cash Money’s full Drake-related accounts to ascertain what exactly he is owed.