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Economics Of Music Streaming interviews and timeline

By | Published on Wednesday 14 June 2023

Houses Of Parliament

A new website has gone live this week helping songwriters understand the different data sets and codes they need to get on top of in order to ensure they get paid.

It’s all part of the ongoing economics of music streaming work instigated by the UK government in response to Parliament’s big old inquiry into the digital music business.

The new online guide follows the recent announcements that a metadata agreement has now been signed by the UK music industry and a new working group is being convened to discuss issues and disputes around music-maker remuneration.

Don’t forget earlier this month we spoke to representatives from eight of the music industry organisations that have been very much involved in the economics of music streaming work. You can read those interviews here…

Association Of Independent Music



Featured Artists Coalition

Ivors Academy

Musicians’ Union

Music Managers Forum

Music Publishers Association

Plus, you can track all of CMU’s coverage of the UK Parliament’s streaming inquiry, and the subsequent government-led work and other relevant debates, on this CMU Timeline in the CMU Library.