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Playlist: Deerhoof

By | Published on Friday 8 April 2011

Deer Hoof

Deerhoof first came into being in 1994 and have released eleven studio albums over the years, with their sound changing as they go, dramatically sometimes, thanks in part to regular line-up changes around frontwoman Satomi Matsuzaki and drummer Greg Saunier.

Their latest album, ‘Deerhoof Vs Evil’, was released via ATP in January. The album finds them in upbeat mode, experimenting wildly within simple pop song structures and proving that they have plenty of ideas left inside them yet, with some of their catchiest songs to date.

The band will be in the UK to play two shows next month; Manchester’s Club Academy on 3 May and The Garage in London on 4 May. Ahead of that, we asked guitarist Ed Rodriguez to put together a Powers Of Ten playlist for us.

Ed explains: “This is a mix of a few people who helped me see the payoff of being true to yourself and being honest in the expression of your art. They all continued to develop and refine what they were doing even though it may not have made sense to the majority of the music community at the time. They continue to remind me to trust myself even though I may feel on shaky ground sometimes”.

Click here to listen to Ed’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about her selections.

01 Scott Walker – Cossacks Are
This is from a bit later in his career. Although his lifetime of work is amazing, he regretted letting the opinions of others influence him, therefore not becoming the true artist he was sooner. A great and difficult lesson for everyone.

02 John Cage – Sonatas And Interludes for Prepared Piano – Sonata V
John Cage is the ultimate inspiration. He embraced what he saw that was good in himself to the benefit of his music. His words changed my life before I heard a note of his music.

03 Konono No.1 / Congotronics – Paradiso
An amazing group from the Congo who embrace their roots and look to the future, not letting anything stop them. They build instruments from whatever they have. Deerhoof is lucky enough to be collaborating with them this summer.

04 Virginia Lopez – Ansiedad
My family is Mexican and I grew up listening to Latin music from the 50’s and 60’s. The guitar virtuosity amidst the beautiful melodies showed me a new possibility in playing music.

05 Gyorgy Ligeti – Etudes Book 1: IV Fanfares
The flow of his work never ceases to amaze me.

06 T. Rex – Dawn Storm
Sometimes on tour I’ll put this song on repeat and let it go on and on. I love songs that can be looped until time ends, repeated until your heart is destroyed.

07 Glenn Branca – Symphony #6: 4th Movement
Guitars, Guitars, Guitars. Branca is an amazing composer who sees beyond how most people view the instrument.

08 Patty Waters – Prayer
From 1966, she has amazing style. One of the most beautiful and unique voices ever.

09 Ornette Coleman – Science Fiction
True genius. To me he’s creating some of the most perfect music on the planet. Also the greatest shows I’ve ever seen in my life.

10 Derek Bailey – M 11 (from Diverso No. 2)
An example of a simple idea expanded beyond comprehension. As a kid I read an article where Bailey pointed out that on a piano if someone says “play C,D,E” you press those keys. On a guitar you can play C fretted, D open string, E as a harmonic and many other possibilities. Blew my mind. No one will never catch up with him.