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Ed Sheeran auctioning pants for charity

By | Published on Friday 26 October 2018

Ed Sheeran

Hey, you know how you’re always saying you wish you could wear a pair of Ed Sheeran’s pants? Yeah you are. You are! I definitely heard you say that a few times. Well, now there are no less than four pairs of his boxer shorts up for sale in a charity auction.

Sheeran has donated over 300 items to Suffolk charity St Elizabeth Hospice, to raise money for its Zest offshoot, which supports young people with terminal illnesses.

The charity says it’s “THRILLED” with the “generous” donation. Although looking through the catalogue, you can’t help feeling that the high number of items up for sale might be because the charity happened to call when Sheeran was half way through a major clear out.

I mean, there are quite a lot of old headphones – at least two sets of which came free with old iPhones – and a lot of old guitar leads. In fact, one lot is just a pile of various tangled up cables. Then there are the novelty hats, a 2015 Andrea Bocelli calendar and part of a clarinet.

That’s all before we even get to the four pairs of pants up for grabs, which may or may not have actually been worn. You can choose between black Next, black Primark, an Ibiza Rocks branded pair, or some that say “aka sexy bastard” on them.

There are some genuinely collectable items in the auction too, but it’ll be interesting to see if ‘being owned by Ed Sheeran’ is enough to make a novelty ‘shots trolley’ desirable. Auction house Bishop & Miller reckons it could go for as much as £120.

Anyway, the auction is set to take place on 10 Nov. You can take a look through everything that’s up for sale here.