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Ed Sheeran is selling his own sake in Japan now

By | Published on Tuesday 9 April 2019

Ed Sheeran sake

Ed Sheeran has released two limited edition bottles of sake in Japan to coincide with upcoming tour dates in the country.

Sake brewery Konishi Shuzo says that it learned that Sheeran is “a great fan of Japanese food and sake”, so approached him with an offer to collaborate, which was “pleasantly accepted”. Each of the two types of sake, put on sale yesterday, is themed on a different Sheeran album. The first, a ‘junmai ginjo’ style sake, complements the musician’s debut album ‘Plus’. The second, a more unusual sparkling sake, is made with his most recent album, ‘Divide’, in mind.

Both designs, as well as featuring a cartoon rendering of Sheeran’s face, also include a drawing of his cat’s paws. I’m not exactly sure why, but the company says this has made the design “full of warmth”. So I guess Sheeran’s face and music just weren’t doing it.

A bottle will cost you roughly £13.75 each. Although you will have to go to Japan to get it, which bumps up the cost slightly. And there are only 3000 bottles of each being produced, so you’ll need to hurry. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get there in time to see Sheeran play the Tokyo Dome tonight, but he’ll be back to perform at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on 23 Apr.

It’s not clear if Sheeran plans to sell his own alcoholic beverages when he plays a run of UK shows later this summer. Maybe a super strength lager. Or sherry. You don’t see sherry so much anymore, do you? Come on Ed, make sherry fashionable again.