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Ed Sheeran says “no one clocked it” when he took Taylor Swift to his local pub

By | Published on Monday 13 September 2021

Ed Sheeran

Come on, let’s be honest, we’ve all seen a celebrity in the pub and pretended not to care while at the same time side-eyeing them every seven seconds to check what they’re doing. Drinking, yeah? Wow. Talking? Amazing. But what if it was a regular occurrence? Like, your local was the same as Ed Sheeran’s? Would it become unremarkable? Mostly, yes.

Obviously, after about the third time seeing Sheeran himself, his presence would likely cease to be noteworthy. But what about his celebrity mates? Well, Sheeran tells Kiss, he’s been and “just sat in the pub” with Dave, and no one batted an eyelid when he took Taylor Swift in there either.

It was only Stormzy who really caused a stir. Sheeran explains: “I took Stormzy to my local pub and it was one of those ones where the locals were trying to be funny with him but it just ended up being like, ‘Oh no, can you not say that please'”.

What were the people of Framlington saying to Stormzy? We may never know. Also, when I said that no one batted an eyelid when Taylor Swift popped in for a pint, actually no one noticed at all.

“When I took Taylor no one really clocked [who she was]”, he says. “It was like a week later that the person behind the bar was like, ‘Did you bring Taylor Swift in here last week?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah’. No one clocked it at the time”.

Though, of course, Swift is a master of disguise.