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Ed Sheeran signs Foy Vance to his label

By | Published on Tuesday 1 December 2015

Foy Vance

So, I thought Ed Sheeran’s record label was called Gingerbread Records. Who knew how wrong you could be? It’s Gingerbread Man Records! What an idiot.

Though Ed should tell whoever manages his label’s Facebook page about that. Because they seem as confused as me. Unless that’s an unofficial Facebook page. I don’t know. Do you know? No, nobody knows. Truth is, nobody knows anything about anything, really. Except that when Ed Sheeran first unveiled his record label back in March it was definitely called Gingerbread Records.

Anyway, that’s not even why I gathered you all here today. I called this meeting to let you know that Ed Sheeran has signed another artist to his Warner Music imprint, and that artist is Foy Vance. Sheeran and Vance are old friends and musical collaborators, so that’s nice isn’t it? Keep it in the family I say, nepotism rules. Vance will release his first album for his bezzy mate’s label next spring.

Says Sheeran: “I am very happy to reveal Foy Vance as my second signing to Gingerbread Man Records. Foy’s always been an artist I’ve admired since meeting him in 2006. We’ve become touring buddies over the past few years and he’s actually out in Australia with me at the moment on the final leg of my ‘x’ tour. His vocals are going to blow you away and I can’t wait for you all to hear the record”.

Adds Vance: “I feel a deep sense of peace signing to an artist led label, not least of all because the artist in question is our Ed. Every time I’ve turned around in the last few years he has had my back”.

So Foy, well done you. And welcome to Gingerbread. Man.