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Ed Sheeran’s local café has an emergency bottle of ketchup for his use only

By | Published on Monday 30 March 2020

Ed Sheeran Edchup

Not that it’s much use to him at the moment, but – it turns out – Ed Sheeran’s local café has a bottle of Tomato Ketchup reserved for his use only.

He being a friend of the owners of The Dancing Goat Café in Framlington, Suffolk, Sheeran apparently likes to pop in from time to time. The musician’s love of Heinz Tomato Ketchup is well-documented, of course, not least on his own arm, where he has the brand’s logo tattooed.

Although Sheeran seemingly wants to be treated like a normal customer, he has nevertheless overlooked there being a bottle of ketchup in the café reserved for his use only. It sits in a glass case marked ‘In case of Ed Sheeran’.

Quizzed about this by the Sunday Mirror, the owners of the cafe would only say that Sheeran is “a good friend who loves ketchup”.

A chattier local told the newspaper: “Ed is a family friend, so the owners of the Dancing Goat are very protective of him. He really likes to be treated like just another customer and often will pop in for a coffee or a milkshake, which he adores. But when he has something to eat, the ketchup is always there for him. It’s become a bit of standing joke”.

Last year, Sheeran’s love of Heinz Ketchup reached its logical conclusion when the brand released a limited edition version of its product renamed ‘Tomato Edchup’. He also fronted a pretty rubbish advert for the company of his own devising.

Elsewhere in Ed Sheeran culinary news, he has told staff at the restaurant he owns in London’s Notting Hill, Bertie Blossoms, that he will continue to pay them 100% of their wages while it is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also encouraged them to find other work if they can, saying that this would not affect how much they get paid. What a champ.