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EddyTM reveals details of tinnitus awareness compilation

By | Published on Wednesday 1 April 2015

Eddy Temple-Morris

Eddy Temple-Morris has revealed details of a compilation being put together to raise awareness for the British Tinnitus Association and the need for more research into tinnitus, featuring contributions from Coldplay, DJ Fresh, Enter Shikari and more.

First detailed in a CMU column in 2012, the idea is that everyone involved in the record’s creation has or works with people who have tinnitus.

“We still have no cure for tinnitus, because there is no government funding for any research”, writes Temple-Morris in a new article for CMU. “And the problem is getting worse and worse, because every kid is listening to loud music on their phone, with earbuds or swish Dr Dre mobile bass bins, and our spam-faced Prime Minister and his NHS-annihilating cronies have still not spent one single penny on letting us know that doing this could give us brain damage. Yes. Brain damage. I’m not making this up. Tinnitus is not an ear problem. It’s damage to the pathway between ear and the hearing centre of the brain”.

He continues: “Rather than carry on bleating about it here and on Twitter and Facebook, I decided to do something. The useless Tory government has done nothing and will do nothing, so I have to do it myself, with a lot of help from a lot of kind people, every single one of whom has, or works closely with people who have, tinnitus”.

The release date is for the record is due to be announced imminently. In the meantime, find out the full tracklist and other details in Eddy’s latest CMU column here.