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Elbow lead Glasto sales boost list

By | Published on Tuesday 28 June 2011


More sales stats? You bet. And while these ‘increase in record sales as a result of some big event’ stats are generally a little flawed – yes Elbow saw a massive 1751% increase in the sales of their ‘Build A Rocket Boys’ album during Glastonbury weekend, but that’s probably because they only sold two copies the previous week – but hey, they’re fun anyway.

And, indeed, at least according to HMV’s stats, Elbow were the band on the Glasto line up who saw the biggest increase in album sales over the weekend during which the uber-fest dominated our BBC screens and mainstream news media. Next were Mumford and Sons (775%), Plan B (525%), Coldplay (411%) and Biffy Clyro (396%). It’s too soon to see the impact Zane Lowe’s enthusiastic endorsement of Beyonce will have on her record sales – coming, as it did, right at the end of the weekend – but I am sure it will be huge.

Anyway, here’s HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo saying words: “With its near-saturation coverage, Glastonbury is now at the very heart of our popular culture and hard to miss, which is also reflected in pronounced increases in album sales of the featured artists, who increasingly plan their own campaigns around the festival. Coldplay are now nicely set up for their forthcoming album after their memorable show, while Beyonce’s new release this week is bound to fly following her spectacular festival-closing performance”.

Amazon has also published similar stats, putting Janelle Monáe top with an increase in sales of 4928%. As noted above, this doesn’t really give a clear picture of how many copies were actually sold, but an increased interest in her brilliant debut album, ‘The ArchAndroid’ has to be a good thing. Was her Glastonbury set really that impressive? Oh yes it was: