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Electric Jukebox launches new music service for all the family 

By | Published on Thursday 17 August 2017

The founder of MusicStation, Rara and Electric Jukebox has another new digital music service for you all. Are you excited? Come on, be excited. At least pretend to be excited. There you go, that wasn’t too difficult, was it?

“Unlike the music streaming services offered by the major tech giants, ROXI is not app-based or designed for personal devices”. Oh, I should have said, this new service is called ROXI. “It instead offers a dedicated device and internet connected service that gets friends and family listening, singing and playing together”. These quotes are explaining what the new service is all about. I probably should have said that too. “ROXI powers a shared family experience that works with families’ TV and speakers, making digital entertainment a shared, social, inclusive entertainment experience”.

Want more detail? Well, “ROXI’s unique wireless controller has a built-in microphone, that enables users to voice search the entire music catalogue and singalong, karaoke-style”.

Got that? “The motion sensitive controller encourages interaction between users, allowing you to cooperatively select music entertainment features through families’ TV and best home speakers”. Fun, fun. “Unlike any other personal music streaming device, ROXI enables quality family time through its social music entertainment features, including karaoke-style singalongs and music trivia games”.

Yeah, hmm. Whatever. What do I know? I mean, the laws of probability surely dictate that if you launch enough digital music services eventually one of them will succeed. And maybe ROXI is that service. Let’s have a singalong to celebrate.

And if you’re still sitting there in a sceptical mood, please remember, we are doing this for the kids. Won’t somebody think about the children? Says the founder of Electric Jukebox and its new ROXI product, Rob Lewis: “I spent decades advocating the wider user of the internet, but increasingly, I’ve realised that the overuse of tablets, mobiles and personal tech is damaging children’s development. Children are spending twice as much time on their personal tech as they do talking to their families”.

“We’re sleep walking into a crisis where kids grow up addicted to personal tech”, Lewis goes on, “which damages their ability to communicate in the real world and contributes to a rise in mental health issues. We can’t just take the devices away. We need to recognise these problems and offer radical new alternatives. ROXI is one such alternative approach and one that can get families enjoying digital experiences in a more healthy, sociable framework”.

So there you go. ROXI. The healthy, sociable streaming service. Sign me up!