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Eliah Seton becomes President of SoundCloud, Cat Kreidich moves up to President of ADA

By and | Published on Friday 9 April 2021


Warner Music’s President Of Independent Music & Creator Services, Eliah Seton, has exited the major after more than a decade to take up the role of President at SoundCloud. His departure means that Warner’s label services division ADA Worldwide needs a new President, and that role will be filled by Cat Kreidich, who is promoted from her current job of EVP.

During his time at Warner, Seton played a key role in the expansion of the major’s label and artist services business. SoundCloud, of course, has refocused its efforts on its creator services in recent years, and running and developing that side of its business, including the RePost service, will be a key part of Seton’s new job. He will also be involved in content partnerships, business development and possible acquisitions.

Announcing the appointment, Seton’s new boss – SoundCloud CEO Michael Weissman – said yesterday: “Eliah’s passion for music and his innovative spirit combined with his deep industry experience in delivering world class services to the global music community is exactly the expertise and mindset that will help transform SoundCloud into the leading music entertainment company”.

“I couldn’t be more excited to work with Eliah”, he went on, “an extraordinarily skilled business executive and wonderful person, to forge our company’s strategic path, deepen our artist and industry relationships, and create even more opportunities for artists to grow and earn throughout their careers on SoundCloud”.

Seton himself added: “I am so excited to partner with Mike and the team in helping to lead the future of this iconic business. SoundCloud has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and is simply the gold standard for independence in music. The possibilities for SoundCloud and for artists, labels and entrepreneurs everywhere are endless, and I am proud to join this extraordinary team and community”.

Back at Warner, it was confirmed that Kreidich would become President of the major’s ADA business. She only took on her current EVP role at ADA late last year, that appointment being officially announced just last month. She was previously Director of Digital Sales & Marketing at the Warner division from 2007 to 2011, before moving to Sony Music, initially in its label services division The Orchard.

Announcing the promotion, CEO of Warner Recorded Music Max Lousada said: “At Warner, we’re strengthening how we serve original artists and entrepreneurs at every stage of career development. As part of that mission, ADA is a beacon of expertise and support for independent artists and independent labels around the world. In the short time since Cat’s return to ADA, she’s already inspired everyone with her passion and creativity, her deep devotion to the indie community, and her wide-ranging global expertise. She’s the ideal choice to lead ADA into the future”.

Commenting on Seton’s departure, he went on: “I’d also like to say a massive thanks to Eliah for his commitment to the evolution of ADA into the world leader that it is today. Throughout his time at WMG, he’s helped guide the company through many transformational moments. He’s done an amazing job and he leaves with our deepest gratitude and support”.

Kreidich also bigged up Seton when commenting on her new job, saying: “Championing the indie community is in my blood; it’s what has guided my career over the last two decades, and I’m honoured to shape the future of this space with a powerhouse like ADA. Building on the great foundation and world-class teams that Eliah has put in place, I’m focused on leaning into our insights to find new and disruptive ways to magnify the visions of music-makers and creators across the globe. I want to thank Max for this great opportunity”.

And reciprocating all that praise was Seton, who chipped in one more time to say this of his successor at ADA: “Cat’s an absolute superstar. I’m so happy to welcome her into this critical role for WMG’s future, and I’ll be cheering her on as she takes the company to even greater heights. It’s a bittersweet moment as I leave my Warner family, full of gratitude and pride in all that we’ve accomplished together, but I look forward to what’s ahead”.